Aberdeen Square- 3rd floor

  • eco friendly

  • BC Rebate

  • 1 Year


  • Range

    80 Km

  • Zero

    Dollar Gas Bill

  • Charging

    Only 5 Hours

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ebikes - Let's Ride with confidence

Riding an ebike with a torque sensor is a much more responsive experience and feels similar to riding a conventional bicycle. It is a smoother ride and more subtle when the motor engages. Therefore, torque sensors make a great option for those who enjoy and are used to the feeling of conventional cycling

"Come ride with us"

Experience a whole new level of new looking design bikes

"It never gets easiers, you just get faster"

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Our commitment

We are working with the most reliable brands around the world to ensure our quality is on top of the line and carefree for our customers. Including: Samsung , Bafang , Tektro, Shimano, Kenda

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